Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Catching up!!

I FINALLY got a minute to post some new pictures!
Thank you to all of our outstanding Veteran's! You not only served our country, protected us, and fought for our freedom, but because of your service,--we get a day off!
Thank you!!!
Our family spent the day "catching up"!
We had a little family time...

We started taking off the bricks on the outside of the sun room--getting ready to redo it!

Dad and Jenna DID help too, but we somehow managed to miss taking pictures of them--oops!

Here are some of our Halloween pics too!
Owie and Jenna had a BLAST planning and carving their pumpkins!

I decided to go Disney--go figure!

After a trip around the block at Uncle Rob and Aunt Lisa's house, we went up to Aunt Kelly's for a little costume party.
This is Amy and David (who freaked Owen out with his costume by the way!)

Jenna decided to be a pirate (again), she recycled her costume from a few years ago.

Kelsie made Karly to cutest "tooth fairy" costume I have EVER seen. You are SOOO creative Kels!

Jenna fit right in with the "pirate theme" the girls had going on!

Our family was a bit "mish-mosh" -- I guess that is how we usually are :0)
I decided to go "totally 80's". Pat was a doctor, and Owen was SO excited to be "James"--NOT Thomas (as he was gladly telling everyone who wanted to know--all night long).

My dad even bought a wig for the occasion

Kelly was the "heroic" Peter Pan!
Me and Mom

The girls!

Kel and the girls made THE BEST Halloween feast! We are SO thankful for our family! We have SO much fun together!


Lee said...

Ok... you win the BEST PUMPKIN Tracy (cute idea... and so you!!! :) Love the pictures... REMEMBER... if you ever need help with that sun room, we would gladly be over there in a heart beat (just a phone call away :) LOVE YOU GUYS! We were so happy to see you on Halloween!


Kate and David said...

That was a fun Halloween! I am noticing hat Smee is looking rather short next to all you guys...what happened ;/

The de-bricking is looking good. Lets us know if you need more elves.

*Jenna you get more and more beautiful with each day, stop growing up! Your supposed to be my little one that I pick up out of the red honda and lay down for a nap =(

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