Saturday, April 19, 2008

2008 Field Trip --Wild Animal Park

I am convinced that teaching is the BEST profession in the world!
Every day is NEW and EXCITING:). Every year, I am BLESSED and PRIVILEGED to be a part of teaching "our future". (I also always seem to get the cutest and smartest kids ever--go figure!)
Our field trip this year was to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. So, we boarded up our "wild animals" and headed out for one AWESOME trip.
Kalieh, Aria, and Mia--at the beginning of the day!

My cute class--at the end of the day

somewhere in the middle, they got a little CRAZY;)

SaVanna feeding the Lorakeets

Our wonderful Mom chaperones and us going into Africa!

We broke off into groups, saw shows, touched snakes, petted camels, and watched gorillas play with each other:).
How did I get SO lucky???