Sunday, January 23, 2011

Heather Williams - Hallelujah

Ice Skating with the Earl girls

Jenna wanted to try ice skating, so we decided to get the Earl girls in on the sction. We went to Ice Town in Riverside. It was fun--even the cold and the slipping and sliding. Jenna thought it was easier than roller skating, here are some pics:

This is where we found Miah most of the time!

Jenna and Michaela actually got to the point where they could hang on to each other and make it around the rink.


Okay, you know you are busy when you are posting Christmas pictures and it is almost February! Here are a few for those of you who would like an update :)

Christmas was spent with family and friends--the BEST kind of Christmas! Jenna asked to go roller skating, ice skating, and for us to redo her bedroom. We did it all! Owen just wanted to PLAY--good enough! Here are the pics!

Jenna is SO good about reading to her brother

Family and friends came over for Christmas breakfast

Owen got a new bike

We went to Pat's brother's house for Christmas Eve. This is Jenna and her cousin Jake

Jenna Owen and Kelsey Waters

Jenna got a special singing part at Christmas Eve service this year

Redoing the room--she picked orange and green--it is SO her!

We had a dance party video in her new room, but Pat would kill me if I posted it :).

And....drum roll please...the finished product!