Sunday, November 15, 2009


We took Owen for a "Day out with Thomas" at the Orange Empire Railway Museum on Saturday. He had a BLAST to say the least. He is a HUGE Thomas fan (he can tell you the names of EVERY engine). We think it's a little weird, but we are supportive :).

Our day started with a stop at the temporary tattoo parlor--he chose the tattoo of James, but it was a tough decision.

Then it was off to the train tents where they had a bunch of train sets set up for the kids to play with. He would have stayed here all day if he could have.

Jenna was the "ever supportive" sister. She was a great sport and made the day fun for her brother.
At 10;00 it was our turn to ride on Thomas the train!! We waited for a few minutes in line...

Jenna carried our boarding passes

Thomas arrived....

We tried to get a picture with Thomas in the background, but it didn't work!

When we got on the train and took our seat, they had Thomas music playing and Owen got a Jr. engineer certificate.

After we started, Owen stood up in his seat to get a better look.
By the end of the ride he was taking it easy.

Jenna got one, too
After the ride, they exit you right into a shop--of course!

Jenna and Owen played on a few toys while we waited in line to take a picture with Sir Topham Hat

Exciting, huh!Then we got some ice cream--Jenna's favorite part!

Owen sporting his stylish 'Thomas Shades"

We got to ride the streetcar and the trolley
And we ended our day saying goodbye to Thomas!

It was well worth it! We had a great family day, and Owen is still talking about his train ride on Thomas.


krista said...

Wow! Looks like a ton of fun. We'll have to take Jayden next year. I can't believe how old Owen looks. Losing all his baby fat. Jenna looks great too!

I miss you! Love you!

Lee said...

How fun! Never even knew there was such a place... ya, Owie looks like he was having sooo much fun, CUTIE!!! Jenna, you are such a good sport! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Kate and David said...

What a fun day, Owie will member that forever. He is looking so grown up =( and Jenna too...You and Pat are looking younger and younger;), what's happening?!?