Sunday, February 28, 2010

My little man is turning 3 on March 3rd! We decided to have a little family get together on Saturday so Owen could open some presents. He was so excited and grateful for everything. thanks everybody! We love you!Grandma gave him a Thomas backpack filled with little trains and a carrying case to take with him when we go camping.
He liked his cards too!

Then we took a break for a minute and the other kids got their party favors--clown glasses, noses, and punch balls--they looked hilarious!



Then it was back to opening more presents from Aunt Kel and the cousins! Thanks guys!

After that we got some family shots

Grandma and Uncle Rob (who was looking a little creepy in this picture by the way :))

Jerry and Char

Dad with the cousins (second?--right?)

or should I say "kissing cousins"?
Kels and Kel (are you glowing?)

Then we all when into the "Fun Room" for "create your own cupcake". Owen was first--he chose strawberry frosting with green sprinkles and m&m's--oh yeah! We sang "Happy Birthday" and he blew out his candles (his favorite part). Then the other kids got a chance to "create".

Ethan's creation

Haley's creation

Michaela's creation
Jenna's creation

Malia's creation
Miah's creation
Owen really just wanted to lick the frosting off

All in all, one great 3rd birthday!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


We are thankful once again for the jobs the Lord has given us, and we are thankful for dead presidents who gave so much for our country that we now have a vacation in their honor :)--
We booked two nights at South Carlsbad State Beach and our spot was right in front of the ocean. Our site was so big that we were able to turn the trailer sideways and have "oceanfront property" . The sunrises and sunsets were amazing! Here are the pics!
The beach was filled with colorful rocks and we even found a giant clam.

Owen liked the lifeguard stand

This was our "Biggest Loser" workout on the trip--the stairs that lead from our site to the ocean

These pictures are for Katie--we tried to get "creative"--notice the shadow?

Our site

Our happy Bird

and the happy monkey with an otter pop

and the happy parents on vacation:)

Pat ALWAYS has to get a bike picture
I guess Owen isn't the only monkey

What do you get when you give a kid a box of wood? A wooden display

Pictures with our Birdie

and the sunset
Jenna did pretty good with the pictures, except she cut Pat's head off :)

Ready for our bike ride!
The second day we went to Legoland. Brother was SO excited to see Thomas made entirely out of LEGOS

Jenna was excited about BOB--hehehaha!

We had to have a crazy tongue picture
Then it was time for the big girls to take a ride. Poor Jenna has the Mom who is CRAZY for CRAZY rides. We found this rotating arm thing that I just HAD to try (Legoland rides are pretty tame for me). The ride had 5 levels of "intensity", so of course, I talked my sweet Bird into trying Level 5--I mean how bad can it really be? OH MAN! I would tell you about it, but Jenna's version is MUCH better :)--ask her some time!
The pictures might tell the whole story :)

Owen played with the Ogre
Jenna played in the water

We saw our friends the Dickinsons

We took a funky" after the water hair picture"
Owen and Dad went on the helicopters

Jenna and Owie went on the train

And all in all--we had a BLAST!
I also had to our OUR pictures of Baby Karly's first b-day because she is so STINKIN' CUTE!!!

and she had one BEAUTIFUL Mommy!