Monday, August 25, 2008

School 2008--First Day of Second Grade!!

Okay--How BLESSED am I !! Jenna gets to have my BEST friend for her second grade teacher this year. This is her with "Miss Clifford" on the first day of school! Yeah Birdie!

We had to have a first day family shot--Owen too :)

My sweet second grader!
Off we go! Another year on the way!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summer's Over :(

Well, we knew the day had to come. Summer vacation is over and we are back to school on Monday. We have had an AWESOME summer, and we feel SO blessed to have the jobs we have. SO--Thank you Lord!
The girls had one last swim session on Saturday--Here are some pics!

Michaela, Richelle, Malia, and Jenna

Miah--again :0--She felt left out because I was taking slide pictures and she didn't want to go down the slide so this is how we included her :)

Here are the slide pics:

Lunch Time!
Thanks for a FUN day girls!

Breakfast at Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-a (or however you spell it :) was having a promotion this summer. If you came on Saturday wearing your PJ'S, they gave you breakfast for free. SO, Char and I decided to take the kids, and we had So much fun! Breakfast was WHATEVER you wanted. So we ate, the kids played and watched veggie tales. The COW also came to eat with the girls which freaked Michaela out a bit :0.

This was an AWESOME thing for this compant to do, and MANY people were blessed by it!

Friday, August 8, 2008

John's Incredible Pizza--Jenna's 7th B-day

We decided that we weren't going to do a big birthday party this year, so we gathered up some of our friends and headed down to a new pizza place that ALL the kids are raving about. Now we know why this place is called "incredible". We had SOOO much fun! It is just outside Moreno Valley--they have all you can eat pizza, pasta, salad, dessert buffet, games, rides---on and on! If you have kids--it is a must do! Try to go on a weekday in the moringish, though. We hear it gets really busy. It wasn't too bad $$ wise either. Jerry and Charlene got a bit crazy with the games and tickets, but we finally got them under control in the end :0--haha! We all got addicted to the "Deal or No Deal" game (good thing we are not gamblers:)--anymore I should say :). Eating!
The LITTLE roller coaster (fun, but cramped)

Bumper cars

This was a mild version of "Tower of Terror" :))
Jenna, Michaela, Malia, Miah, and Richelle
Here are a few videos of the rides. You might want to scroll down to the bottom of the blog and push stop on the music so you are able to hear the screams:). Happy 7th Birthday Jenna Bleu--We love you!!

Baptism '08

We had our annual Wildwood Calvary Chapel Baptism at Yucaipa Regional Park a few weekends ago. It is amazing to see how the Lord is working in lives. We got together as a body and had food, fellowship, and fun. The kids enjoyed the water slides and we all support those who were making the outward expression of an inward change.
Brad T. being baptised.
This is Ashley. She is the niece to a couple in our home fellowship and a former student at my school. It was SO exciting to see her and her cousin Katie make a statement of faith!


Shawna and Roy

Owie and I enjoying the day

After the baptism, some of the men had a little fun dunking Pastor Chris

Angela and Jeremiah

The Earls eating their family picnic dinner :). Frugos afterward was the BEST!!

Trip to the Palm Springs Tramway

We took a family trip on the tram a few weeks ago. It was amazing! We forgot how beautiful it is up there and how much cooler. If you get a chance, you have to take the trip. We really got a work out with Owen on our back :)