Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is for you Kate!

When Katie and David were in Minnesota, they missed Owen's first B-Day so Kate sent this home for him. She said she couldn't wait to "See his little butt in this outfit"--so here you go Kate! This one's for you:)
Heaven and back!

Mom's Day at the beach--Pat's pictures:)

Okay, so here are Pat's pictures from Mom's day at the 'Chocolate Festival"/Botanical gardens/ Beach day trip:).

Of course we had to have "Mom and Kids" shots on Mom's day. I sometimes have a hard time believing that these beautiful little things are OUR children. Thank you LORD!

A nice lady at the beach offered to take some family shots of us. Jenna had already gotten SOAKING wet in her clothes (thank goodness Pat had a towel in the car), and Owen enjoyed eating the sand--again and again AND again. What is it with BOYS and dirt???

Jenna had to show off her face painting:)

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Here are a few picture of owen at 14 months.
I know all Moms think their kids are the cutest, but.....:)

Never too young to lift your hands in praise:) (actually, he just wanted me;0)

This kid CRACKS ME UP. He has the best faces---just thought I'd share a few...

Oh Yeah


Let me OUT!

Okay, so I LOVE bath time;). My Mom used to stick us in the sink all the time when we were little, so I thought I would give Owie the experience before he got too big.

I know--he's pushing it:)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

We had an adventurous Mother's Day weekend. I read about an event called "The Chocolate Festival" in Westways magazine which was taking place the Saturday before Mother's Day in Encinitas (By San Diego). It was in the middle of these "botanical gardens"--it sounded like the "perfect" spot for the ultimate "chocoholic". Well, the gardens WERE beautiful and the chocolate WAS yummy, but I think every other Mom in the world thought it was a great idea too, because it was packed out:). We had fun though, and Jenna got to make some great crafts--in addition to getting her face painted. We also went down to the beach for the rest of the day (those pictures are coming soon). Needless to say, Mother's Day was a hit! Time with family is ALWAYS the BEST gift! Jenna in the gardens
I thought this was a cool 'topiary' (?)

Owie in the backpack. He was SUCH a trooper! He loved the trip.

I was glad Pat offered to take on the backpack.

Jenna by one "Big 'Ol Cactus!"

Look! It's a Birdie in the park:)

Dad and Owen

Having a heart to heart:)

My sweet family

Jenna has to show off her hat creation.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our "Wicked" good time:)

The "girls" all went to see "Wicked" the musical at the Pantages last weekend, and we had a BLAST!
It is an amazing "version" of the witches of OZ and how they actually met. I loved the voices, lessons, and all out energy that comes with a live performance. I think we all decided that we need to do this more often:)

Kate and Amy

Kel and Kels

Kels and Jenna

The girls waiting for the show to start.
I also realized that I think I need a NEW camera. Katie's pictures turned out so much better;0