Friday, October 24, 2008

Tracy and Michaela's Birthday Trip

Charlene and I decided to take a "mental day" for my birthday and take Micahela and Jenna to Disneyland for the day. Michaela's birthday is on the 24th, so she got a day to enjoy Disneyland ALL BY HERSELF--no beautiful sisters:0. She said "This is the BEST day of my LIFE!" We all had a BLAST! Here are the pics!

Pumpkin Heads
Petting Zoo

The hat shop--of course!

The Birthday Girls!

Just before the new ride "Toy Story"

Thanks for an OUTSTANDING B-DAY friends! Love you!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cousin Time!!

Ethan and Hailey had a sleep over with us on Friday night. Jenna was SO excited to spend some time with her cousins! We had a BLAST! We played, ate pizza, and took a 3 mile hike up to the tree at the top of Bogart Park. Then we played for awhile at the playground. Here are the pics! We LOVE you both!

Owen was excited to play on the slides. He started small, but was climbing up and going down ALL the big slides before long. The boy has NO FEAR!

Hailey was a trooper! She could not get enough water. I think Aunt Tracy wore her out. She kept saying, "This is a long walk Trace, but I am just going to suck it up buttercup." She cracks me up!

Ethan had to wait for the girls, but was glad for the rest. His saying the entire way was, "This is a long walk, but I am going to take it like a man". He is SO much like his Dad!

Anyone who has EVER taken a walk with me knows how these kids are feeling about now. It is almost worse than Aunt Tracy at Disneyland (yes, really Amy!)
I thought this was a cool Owen shot

These pictures are of the kids when we got to the top of the hill

This is actually the night before the big walk. We blew up the air mattress and laid it in Jenna's room. Ethan and Jenna slept together on the floor and Hailey and I opted for the bed;0--smart girls. Ethan and Jenna said they "slept like a log".

Hailey started out on the floor, but quickly retreated to my side.

What a fun time. Thanks Lisa for letting us watch the kids!