Saturday, November 21, 2009


Vacation has started! Demolition has begun! We are redoing our sun room. We took off all the bricks earlier, so our day started with loading them into the trailer to eventually take to the dump.
Charlene came early to help--and we put her right to work of course! This was her "action brick toss" shot

This is what the sun room looked like before we started

Kate, David, and Amy came to help us too! THANK YOU SO MUCH FAMILY!!

Owen got right in on the action with the drill

Pat had to pull out the swamp cooler
Amy did great with the crowbar

Charlene was a HUGE help! Thank you friend!
This was Katie's "no more window" shot

Then her and Jenna did a little 'mime" action
We had to break for a Popsicle!

And Owie had a little coffee break
The girls worked hard while the guys went to the dump. We took out the rest of the walls and only left the 'main beams". GIRLS ROCK!!!

Then Kate HAD to sweep up. We are tidy girls :)
Pat wanted to save the redwood, so Amy and Kate pulled out the thousands (literally) of nails. Such dedication!!!
We have the BEST friends and family in the universe!! Thanks you SO much! We love you!!!

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Kate and David said...

We had fun helping out! Can't wait to see what the new sun-room turns's going to be beautiful! Love you family to H&B =)