Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Our festivities started on Friday with a Harvest Carnival for our school.Jenna had a dress up birthday party on Saturday. She was excited to sport her new costume!
Then off to Rob and Lisa's on Sunday for some family time and candy hunting :)

Karly was the "Queen of Hearts"--too cute!

We had a ninja, Lightning McQueen pit crew, Mad Hatter, and Super Woman

We had to get a shot in with Grandma

It was a fun way to end October--now, let's see what November has in store! We are BLESSED!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Well, since school started, we have been BUSY! Here is a fast catch up:) Jenna Bleu is now a fourth grader, and I get to have her in my class. At first I was TOTALLY against the idea, but the first month has been so FUN! I never knew how smart and funny she really was--it is going to be a blessing for both of us, I can just tell!
Owen grew 2 inches over the summer--he is ALL boy! Cars, dump trucks, trains (still)--oh, and he can swim all over the pool on his own--no floaties!

We celebrated Rick Sanchez's 50th B-day!

Owen and I with Kelsey (niece) and Jake (nephew)

Susan and I

Step, Tim, and Andy


Jake is a sophomore in high school this year, and Kelsey is a sophomore in COLLEGE--okay, how did that happen?

Rick and I--Happy 50th Rick!

Our friend Carolyn who attends the home fellowship that meets at our house was baptised! Yeah!

The baptism at Forest Home was a BLAST! Pat got to deploy Roy off the "BLOB"

We also went to our church's Fellowship at the Park--In-N-Out Burger, ice cream, kettle corn, games, the park, Evan Wickam doing worship--what more could you ask for

Pat's tug of war team won, and so did mine--TWICE
Owie got to play with Malia

Life is good--God is good--we are BLESSED!

October is finally here!