Saturday, January 31, 2009

We are ALL in LOVE!

Baby Karly is FINALLY home after being under her "tanning bed" for a few days. Dumb 'ol jaundice took over, but she is great now. Jenna and I got to go visit our new cousin. Kelsie looks great and has already gotten into "Mommy mode". We are THANKFUL!!

Jenna couldn't wait to get her hands on this sweet little baby. I called her from the hospital when Karly was born and she said "Really?" then silence.. I said "Are you okay? Are you crying?"
"Yes, Mama. I am just happy."

My Mom couldn't resist either
We love you Karly!

I had to add these pictures. My mom and dad got Owen his own chair for Christmas and he LOVES it. This is his new favorite place. They grow up SO fast! --(notice the remote?)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome Karly Ann Lee!

"Children are a gift from God"
Psalm 127:3
My cousin Kelsie had her baby girl on Tuesday, January 27th. Kelly became a grandma (HOLY COW), and I am once again in total AWE of our Creator.
Kelsie was a trooper considering her epidural wore off when the REAL labor started, and 10 people were in the room quietly watching her while she breathed through the pain. When she was ready to start pushing, we all left and Kelly, Kathy,and Ricky got to see the birth.
After it was all over we were able to see Kels--the happy Mama!
Kathy Lee (Grandma) with Karly

Kelsie holding her baby girl

This was pretty much the crowd before and after the birth:)--you are SO loved Kels!!
And the family begins...
Grandma Kelly:0
Karly Ann Lee
Thank you Lord! Please bless this new baby girl and I pray that she will grow to love You more than anything else in this world. May her light shine for all to see!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome "Buddy"!

Well, we have a new dog! We named him "Buddy" because now Jack finally has a "buddy" and we don't know his REAL name. So , what do you call a guy when you don't know his name?? Hi there "buddy". Anyways, while we were taking a walk over vacation, a man riding his bike asked us if we were missing a chocolate lab. We told him no, but if his owners didn't show or if he couldn't find a home for him, let us know and we would see how he got along with our Jack.
Saturday night rolled around and we got a knock on the door at 9:00. Our neighbor Dave said it was either us or the pound. SO... we let him in the backyard with Jack and they have been "buddies" ever since. Jenna said, "See Mom, you were hoping that Jack would have a buddy someday and 'bop', here he is". Funny how things "work out".

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Spaghetti and the Cousins!

Ethan and Hailey spent the night with us Friday, so Pat made his famous spaghetti. I just had to post some "spaghetti eatin' shots". Can't you just taste it through the screen--:)


Happy New Year 2009!

Happy New Year! We had a great New Year's Eve. Char and the girls came over for--as they say it--"stak and mobster"--translated--steak and lobster. (Jerry and Michaela were in Boston). We sang karaoke, played games, sat in the jacuzzi, and the girls got to eat lobster for the first time! (see video below). Thank you Lord for good friends!Owie got to play with Charlene's guitar, and we got to hear her sing!
Malia couldn't figure out that I was videoing her and not taking a picture:)

Here is Charlene on the karaoke machine Jenna got for Christmas. She has such a BEAUTIFUL voice, and we are SO thankful that she uses her gift to glorify the Lord at church and Bible Study. We had fun singing some "old time favorites". We got to hear Pat sing "Pretty Woman" and Char and I did a few together, too. The BEST is hearing the kids sing. This was SUCH a fun gift:)--thanks grandma and grandpa!