Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Announcing Mr. and Mrs. David Hollingworth!!

Katie and David FINALLY :) got married on September 18th! The wedding was PERFECT and we all had a BLAST! Here are some pics!

Was Katie GORGEOUS or what?

I got the chance to hold Baby Karly for awhile

Uncle Mike flew in for the weekend

Pat and I actually got a picture together thanks to Aunt Lisa!

Grandma and Owie

Matt and Mason (my cousins)

Dad and Randall

Amy's friends--Becca took the video for Kate and Davie--what a SWEETIE!!
Aunt Don and Aunt Cathy

My sweet Jenna Bleu was the Jr. Bridesmaid

Owen was a RASCAL!! He decided to take a roll on the lawn!

Kate with Owen
David with Jenna

Katie and her Dad Mike
The venue was magical, the food was delicious, the bride was gorgeous, the groom was handsome, the family was happy, and two of our favorite people are finally married--who could ask for more!
We love you Kate and David--to Heaven and Back!


Team Entrada said...

Great post and lovely photos. Kate was a gorgeous bride. So nice to see all of you. Jenna and Owen are adorable and I am so blessed to call all of you family.

Lots of love,
Micah, Matt, and Mason

Kate and David said...

Awww thanks for a great post! Pat took a bunch of awesome pictures...thank you thank you! You guys were such a special part of our wedding, we are so blessed. It was a great night and moments we will always remember! We are married AWOOHOO!

(Hey and I got a new car yesterday a double AWOOHOO!)
Love to Heaven and Back!
David and Katie Hollingworth =)

Lee said...

GREAT PICTURES!!!! It was such a fun night!!! Love you all!


p.s. just heard you saw Chach and Kel in urgent care :( Jenna Bleu, what are we gonna do with you :) poor baby... I am so sorry!!! LOVE YOU!!!