Friday, November 28, 2008

We ARE Thankful!!!!!!!

Give thanks in ALL things...
We were able to spend Thanksgiving with Mom, Dad, Kel and the kids.
It was wonderful to spend time with family.
Kelsie is due in February and we are REALLY excited to see sweet little Karly Ann!
Our family LOVES to talk to the tummy:)

Cute Cousins!
We never miss a picture opportunity!

Grandma's kisses--their is nothing like them!

The girls!

Kel enjoyed feeding Owie chips and dip and whipped cream...we are starting him out right;)

Kate and David

What a FACE!!
Thank you Lord for our family!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I didn't do it!

We are enjoying our Thanksgiving "week" off!
Owen has entered the "I didn't do it!" phase already:).
In the past few weeks he has: found out that he LOVES flushing the toilet and realized that toilet water is pretty good too; dog food tastes great and has lots of nutrients; somersaults are fun; and anytime you can do something destructive without someone watching you--like pulling off the tablecloth with four cups of water on it--is always a BLAST. We are SO thankful!

Jenna having some quiet time:)
Our cute little man! This is the one place he can't get into anything:)

Christmas at Disneyland 2008

Well, we are off again....Disneyland of course:). It was TOTALLY busy. I think everyone had the same idea we did, so we decided to do a few things we don't usually do PLUS some of our old favorites. Here are the pics!
FIRST, the girls wanted to go to "Brother Bear" land to "ROCK CLIMB".

Then we had to take the usual Christmas tree picture

Pictures at the hat store are a tradition.

This one looks strangely familiar

This one gives a whole new meaning to "dazed and confused"
The birthday girl:)

Jerry took a potty break, so we decided to take a picture opportunity with the girls.

One of our favorite things to do at Disneyland during Christmas time is to go to "Santa's Reindeer Roundup" and decorate Christmas cookies.

Jerry felt left out, so we just decorated HIM:)

If you have never seen "It's a small world" during Christmas, it is BEAUTIFUL--pictures don't do it justice. Of course, this is coming from a girl who LOVES Christmas lights:)

They did the castle in blue icicles this year--it was gorgeous!
Another GREAT trip. Thank you Lord for blessing us with wonderful friends and the opportunity to spend time at such a fun place. We are SO thankful!
If you have never seen the light show on Small World, you must check out the video! (push the stop button on the music player at the top first)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween '08

This Halloween was more relaxing than usual. We decided to go see Pat's dad, then go to Aunt Lisa's house for a quick trip around the block "treating" and dinner with the family. Thanks Aunt Lisa!
The Lindberg's came to visit too! This is Elizabeth and Gabriel with Jenna.
Owen was a BAT--we thought he was TOO cute! I can't believe he actually left his "bat hat" on all night.

Okay, this was my DAD's idea, not mine:)--enough said!
Kelsie's pregnant belly and Dad's well, not so pregnant belly--LOVE YOU DAD!
Kelsie made her own preggy 'Mummy Tummy" shirt for the occasion.
Okay--now THIS is BEAUTY!!
Some of our family
This is Ashley and Aaron's little girl Andi--too cute!
Owen and Andi playing

This was us in the morning before school. Jenna got to dress up as her "Favorite Storybook Character" the rest of us just did the orange and black theme. We LOVE ANY chance to dress up! We were so proud of Jenna because she actually read the Great Illustrated Classics version of The Wizard of Oz and passed the test at school!! (FIFTH GRADE LEVEL!!--WAHOO Jenna!)
This video is for you Uncle Rob! We miss you !!