Friday, June 20, 2008

Latest Disneyland Trip

Well, we decided to take a final Disneyland trip with the Earls before our passes were blocked out for the summer!

Jenna and Miah finally decided to be brave and go on The Tower of Terror. You can tell by the pictures that they weren't too sure about it;). Jenna LOVED it and Miah was crying when she got off, but she said, "I really liked the ride. I am just crying because I am so proud of myself for trying it". What a sweetie pie!

We saw the Muppet 3-D show for the first time (I usually pass on the shows, but the park was crowded that we tried something new)

No trip to Disneyland is EVER complete without a visit to the hat store.

Jerry REALLY wanted to get this hat.

The girls thought this would be a great shot--they were right!
Another wonderful trip with the Earl Family. Thanks guys!!