Saturday, January 31, 2009

We are ALL in LOVE!

Baby Karly is FINALLY home after being under her "tanning bed" for a few days. Dumb 'ol jaundice took over, but she is great now. Jenna and I got to go visit our new cousin. Kelsie looks great and has already gotten into "Mommy mode". We are THANKFUL!!

Jenna couldn't wait to get her hands on this sweet little baby. I called her from the hospital when Karly was born and she said "Really?" then silence.. I said "Are you okay? Are you crying?"
"Yes, Mama. I am just happy."

My Mom couldn't resist either
We love you Karly!

I had to add these pictures. My mom and dad got Owen his own chair for Christmas and he LOVES it. This is his new favorite place. They grow up SO fast! --(notice the remote?)


Kate and David said...

Love the pictures you got of Karly! We all just can't get enough. Owie's got the right idea...he is getting so big, I just want to bottle him up right now! H&B

Lee said...

LOVE that last picture of Owie... he is such a little man :) I was so happy you and Jenna got some quiet time with Karly... Jenna bird I love you, you little emotional thing you! YOU ARE SO CUTE!