Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome Karly Ann Lee!

"Children are a gift from God"
Psalm 127:3
My cousin Kelsie had her baby girl on Tuesday, January 27th. Kelly became a grandma (HOLY COW), and I am once again in total AWE of our Creator.
Kelsie was a trooper considering her epidural wore off when the REAL labor started, and 10 people were in the room quietly watching her while she breathed through the pain. When she was ready to start pushing, we all left and Kelly, Kathy,and Ricky got to see the birth.
After it was all over we were able to see Kels--the happy Mama!
Kathy Lee (Grandma) with Karly

Kelsie holding her baby girl

This was pretty much the crowd before and after the birth:)--you are SO loved Kels!!
And the family begins...
Grandma Kelly:0
Karly Ann Lee
Thank you Lord! Please bless this new baby girl and I pray that she will grow to love You more than anything else in this world. May her light shine for all to see!


Kate and David said...

You got some great pictures. We are all so glad she is here! The army waiting for her arrival was pretty patient and a little sneaky too (just blend into the wall =)...I was so glad we were all there! Karly sure is loved!

Team Entrada said...

Yeah! I am so glad to see the pictures of beautitful Karly. It brought tears to my eyes, such an amazing moment. I couldn't agree more with you Tracy about our wonderful god. I think children our one of his greatest gifts to us. So glad baby is here safe and sound please give her kisses from her Colorado family.
Love and kisses!

Lee said...

This is the first chance Karly and I got to see your blog (She is sitting on my lap actually pretty wide awake right now!... we are getting ready to go in our sunning room) THANKS SO MUCH FOR BEING THERE TRACY! We love you!

Kelsie and Karly