Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome "Buddy"!

Well, we have a new dog! We named him "Buddy" because now Jack finally has a "buddy" and we don't know his REAL name. So , what do you call a guy when you don't know his name?? Hi there "buddy". Anyways, while we were taking a walk over vacation, a man riding his bike asked us if we were missing a chocolate lab. We told him no, but if his owners didn't show or if he couldn't find a home for him, let us know and we would see how he got along with our Jack.
Saturday night rolled around and we got a knock on the door at 9:00. Our neighbor Dave said it was either us or the pound. SO... we let him in the backyard with Jack and they have been "buddies" ever since. Jenna said, "See Mom, you were hoping that Jack would have a buddy someday and 'bop', here he is". Funny how things "work out".


Kate and David said...

He looks like the nicest Buddy I've ever seen! I am so glad Jack and him are friends! Welcome home Bud, can't wait to meet you =)
Heaven and Back

Kelsie said...

Buddy is a QT!!! I can't wait to meet him... I bet Jack is so happy to have him! YAY!!! Love you all!


Team Entrada said...

Love those chocolate labs. Buddy looks like a gentle spirit. I haven't commented in while so I have to tell you that Pat's spaghetti looks so yummy, cousin time looks so fun.
Thanks for the mommy advice, I love it! I am learning that some foods just don't agree with this lil' buggar. For example my favorite, frijoles. Oh the sacrifices we make for the loves of our life. I miss you guys and hope we can see you sometime in the next year or two. Lots of hugs and kisses to everyone!