Thursday, February 19, 2009



Lee said...

Love all of the Disneyland pictures and the bowling ones too. Wish I could have gone :( Looks like I will have to take some notes on your bowling technique Tracy... its all in the leg right ?!? :)

Love you!


jessica.tiara said...

That is such a cool video! I love it! Did Owen like Disney Land? Tyson and I have been talking about when to take Ben.

Kate and David said...

Love your cute always find the cool new thing! Thanks again for taking Amy and I bowling, we had so much fun. Also, thanks for a great dinner night at your place, we haven't seen you guys in a long time and I loved it. You all are the best! Love you..hey Jenna, next time let me beat you at bowling...come on just once =). No more sharing the "Minnesota Leg" with you Tracy, it backfired and you turned pro :/ H&B-Kate