Saturday, May 17, 2008


Here are a few picture of owen at 14 months.
I know all Moms think their kids are the cutest, but.....:)

Never too young to lift your hands in praise:) (actually, he just wanted me;0)

This kid CRACKS ME UP. He has the best faces---just thought I'd share a few...

Oh Yeah


Let me OUT!

Okay, so I LOVE bath time;). My Mom used to stick us in the sink all the time when we were little, so I thought I would give Owie the experience before he got too big.

I know--he's pushing it:)

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Kate & David said...

Okay these are the best ever! That top picture is SOOO CUTE, I could just pinch those red cheekies off and eat them =)(I won't though)...I have to say you do have the cutest kids ever! Heaven and Back Family! Love- Kate