Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our "Wicked" good time:)

The "girls" all went to see "Wicked" the musical at the Pantages last weekend, and we had a BLAST!
It is an amazing "version" of the witches of OZ and how they actually met. I loved the voices, lessons, and all out energy that comes with a live performance. I think we all decided that we need to do this more often:)

Kate and Amy

Kel and Kels

Kels and Jenna

The girls waiting for the show to start.
I also realized that I think I need a NEW camera. Katie's pictures turned out so much better;0


Kate & David said...

We do have to do this more often! I think our family is, without a doubt, the kind that likes to break into song at any moment =)...why not, life is totally worth singing about!! Thanks again for an AWESOME day. Heaven and Back

Jamie and Krista said...

There's one thing missing in all these pictures...YOU! =) Looks like you had a lot of fun.

Team Entrada said...

Thanks for your sweet words on our blog. We are really excited and so are the folks. I hope the morning sickness goes away soon but I keep reminding myself that when I see that precious face these memories will be no more!

Looks like you guys have been busy enjoying life. I wish I lived closer to my family, girl days are so fun! School must be out soon? Can't wait to see what the summer has in store for you guys.

Loads of blessings and love,
Micah and Matt