Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mom's Day at the beach--Pat's pictures:)

Okay, so here are Pat's pictures from Mom's day at the 'Chocolate Festival"/Botanical gardens/ Beach day trip:).

Of course we had to have "Mom and Kids" shots on Mom's day. I sometimes have a hard time believing that these beautiful little things are OUR children. Thank you LORD!

A nice lady at the beach offered to take some family shots of us. Jenna had already gotten SOAKING wet in her clothes (thank goodness Pat had a towel in the car), and Owen enjoyed eating the sand--again and again AND again. What is it with BOYS and dirt???

Jenna had to show off her face painting:)


Kate & David said...

I love the family shots on the beach, what a beautiful day with a beautiful family! AWESOME flower hat Jenna Girl, you are so creative! Love you guys, H & B!

Jamie and Krista said...

Such cute pictures! Your family does a lot of fun things together!