Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bath Time!

It is hard to believe that Owen will be one tomorrow! What a wonderful answer to prayer. God is so faithful. I am so thankful that we had children at a time in our life where we are truly THANKFUL for them, and see them as a gift from God. I am thankful to the Lord that our kids will grow up in a home with parents that LOVE JESUS and THEM!
We give Him all the glory because without Him, we wouldn't have a clue:).
Thank you Lord for our Kids!

He ALONE has made beauty from my ashes!


The Bagley Bunch said...


Happy Birthday to YOU,
Happy Birthday to YOU,
Happy Birthday DEAR OWEN,
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!


Blessings on you little guy!!!

Kate & David said...

Happy Birthday Owie Monkey! I really can't believe you are already 1 Years Old! Just one week until I get to hold you, can't wait!
Heaven and Back Baby Boy =)

Kate & David said...

I love the bath pics! Miss you Jenna Bird! Hows-about we go get a Jamba when I get back, YES or NO or YES =)!
Heaven and Back!

Team Entrada said...

Happy Birthday to Owen. I love these pictures, such beautitful children. Truly blessed.

Lots of Love,

Jamie and Krista said...

What cute pictures! I love Owen's "spikey" hair! =)

You have beautiful kids...I are truly blessed! (Aren't we ALL!)

Miss ya!