Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Breakfast With The Princesses

The girls had SO much fun at Disneyland over "President's Week"!
We took them to Ariel's Grotto to have breakfast with all of the princesses.
Here are our latest Disneyland shots with our friends, Jerry and Charlene and their beautiful girls!

We had to have family shots in the beast's library
in front of the fireplace:)

Malia and I got to ride together on the jellies,
and we thought it would be fun to stick the Dads together for this one too:)

We feel so BLESSED to have such wonderful friends!
I am sure we still have many more trips to go on together. We were glad that Pat got to go on this trip too.

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Kate & David said...

TOO COOL! Breakfast and Princesses! I bet you had a blast Jenna, you are still the prettiest princess I have ever seen though. Love the picture of you and Pat! Heaven and Back =)