Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jenna's Field Trip

Jenna went to the Living Desert with her first grade class this year.
Daddy took the day off and "braved" the bus with his "Birdie girl" and all of her friends. Her teacher Miss Swope was glad to have a Dad around:).

Jenna on the ride to the desert.
Pat's photography skills at work :)

Jenna with her friends

Thanks Daddy for a wonderful memory!


Team Entrada said...

I love that you call Jenna "birdie." My dad has always called me that and know I am realizing it must have been an Armstead thing and now a Waters thing. Looks like life is busy and lots of fun. Hope the spring is bringing wonderful things. Love all of you.

Kate & David said...

Pat, you are getting too good at the photo thing!!! You are going to have to enlarge that Giraffe pic, Great Shot! Love Ya.