Sunday, November 28, 2010

November Happenings!

Okay, I've realized that a once a month posting is working it goes...
First off..Happy 40th to my forever friend Charlene!
God had it planned at the right time...that this sweet little thing would grow up into a beautiful woman who serves God, her family, and teaches children with her whole heart.
We also believe that we were sisters separated at birth :)--because we are SO much alike. I mean don't you see it?? :)
Jerry (with a little help) actually pulled off a surprise party


The cake from Michelle's bakery in Redlands was DE-LI-CIOUS!

Char actually got to open presents in front of an audience

Carolyn's chocolates were a BIG hit!

Friends and family made it an awesome birthday, not to mention the trip the day after and hot air balloon ride! We love you Char! We hope your 40th was just as wonderful as you are! was time for our Thanksgiving family trip to Silver Strand State Beach in San Diego! We packed up the camper and headed out with our Thanksgiving dinner in our little fridge!

We went to Sea World on Thanksgiving day--a great day to go by the way. The kids got up close and personal with a walrus.

I think Shamu was trying to hit Owie in the head here???
The kids in Elmo's bouncy house thing :)

The ultimate family shot--Elmo, Abbie, and US!

We thought this poinsettia tree was cool
Of course we HAVE to visit a hat shop!

NO--it is SPARKING CIDER--geez!

The man by his fire
Owen and Jenna patiently waiting for S'MORES!

It was cold, but breathtaking

Our crazy monkey

What I am Thankful for:
Jesus--what you have done for me and the way you made beauty from my ashes, I am eternally grateful. My prayer is that EVERYONE would be gripped by your grace and come to the knowledge of the REAL reason we are here on this earth.
My family and friends--I am a blessed woman beyond belief, and I love you all!
December is upon us--may we be grateful every day for the blessings that surround us.

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Lee said...

Shamu and Beach time for Thanksgiving... I LOVE IT!!! Looks like you guys made the most of the holiday!

Happy belated birthday Charlene... did you save me a peice of that cake?!? =) (LOOKS DELISH!!!!!)