Sunday, January 23, 2011


Okay, you know you are busy when you are posting Christmas pictures and it is almost February! Here are a few for those of you who would like an update :)

Christmas was spent with family and friends--the BEST kind of Christmas! Jenna asked to go roller skating, ice skating, and for us to redo her bedroom. We did it all! Owen just wanted to PLAY--good enough! Here are the pics!

Jenna is SO good about reading to her brother

Family and friends came over for Christmas breakfast

Owen got a new bike

We went to Pat's brother's house for Christmas Eve. This is Jenna and her cousin Jake

Jenna Owen and Kelsey Waters

Jenna got a special singing part at Christmas Eve service this year

Redoing the room--she picked orange and green--it is SO her!

We had a dance party video in her new room, but Pat would kill me if I posted it :).

And....drum roll please...the finished product!

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Jamie and Krista said...

Oh, I LOVE Jenna's room! Super cute! I'm happy you blog, I know it takes time...but I LOVE it! =) Miss you!