Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Our festivities started on Friday with a Harvest Carnival for our school.Jenna had a dress up birthday party on Saturday. She was excited to sport her new costume!
Then off to Rob and Lisa's on Sunday for some family time and candy hunting :)

Karly was the "Queen of Hearts"--too cute!

We had a ninja, Lightning McQueen pit crew, Mad Hatter, and Super Woman

We had to get a shot in with Grandma

It was a fun way to end October--now, let's see what November has in store! We are BLESSED!

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Lee said...

ALWAYS LOVE SEEING YOU GUYS!!! Jenna and Owen looked adorable! Karly has a relationship with Jenna like we did with you Tracy when we were little... soooooo excited to see her EVERY TIME. And WILL NOT LEAVE HER ALONE! =) And that relationship hasn't changed! HAPPY HALLOWEEN WATERS FAMILY!
We Love You!