Sunday, April 11, 2010

Catching Up!

Life has been a bit busy for us lately. I realized that I haven't posted pictures in about a month, so it's time to catch everyone up.
This weekend we had the privilege of attending one AWESOME wedding. We shall forever more call them "Christian and Mandy Lindberg"! Sounds weird now, but it will catch on soon. Christian was one of Pat's fifth grade students years ago, and the Lindberg family (10 in all!) have been our friends for several years. We've known Mandy for about 6 years and we LOVE her family!
Pat and I thought it was the perfect wedding--outdoors, worship, In-N-Out Burger, Rice Krispie treats, frisbees, picnic-style, blankets in the sun, dancing, and did I mention Rice Krispie treats? They TOTALLY did it Mandy and Christian style! We have no doubt the Lord will bless this marriage richly! Here are some of our favorite pics of the wedding.
The happy couple on their "Happy Day"

My handsome husband playing frisbee with the kids

Our blanket in the sun

Owen's funny face
My beautiful Birdie
The ceremony shot
Owen getting ready to DANCE
One of my favorite shots of Many and her father Brian

Walking down the isle
Owie checking things out
Mandy's mom Katrina and her brother Jake

The happy couple

Okay--this one was for us :O)

The night before the wedding, Amy watched the kids so we could go to a concert with Jerry and Char. Two of our MOST favorite bands were playing in addition to about six others. We were TOTALLY excited because we were able to meet and greet our all-time favorite band "MercyMe". Here are some pics!

Bart Millard--the lead singer of Mercyme (most famous for "I Can Only Imagine", and "Word of God Speak")

This is one of my favorite pics.

Not only do I LOVE his music, but he is hilarious and crazy fun, plus--You just gotta love that hair!

Francesca Botescelli (don't know if I have that right?)

Us with the band. Yes, that is me next to BART MILLARD--yes, I got a hug--yes, I was a little star struck--yes, I am weird, but so are they :O) (hence the planters that made it into the shot)

I just love Jerry's face in this shot

This is Jerry and Charlene's long lost daughter--just kidding!
Jenna dressed up like Harriet Tubman for a "Wax Museum" presentation at school. I just thought I would add that in the mix.

We also celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and Savior! The kids wanted to do the "dying of the eggs thing". After I got over the "egg smell" in the house, I was okay :O). Here are the pics!

Owie liked the stickers more than the egg dying

I just LOVE that face!
The celebration continued after church with most of the family. Rob and Lisa were out of town, and Dave and Nay had a BUNCH of teenagers coming over, so it was quiet and relaxing!
Grandpa Ted came by for a visit
My BEAUTIFUL cousins, of course!
And, our BEAUTIFUL Mom's (well, aunt and Mom)
Grandma made Jenna matching hat and afghan for Easter--she LOVES it--can you tell?
So, I am sure things are just going to get busier as the school year comes to an end, but we are THANKFUL, BLESSED, and CONTINUALLY GRATEFUL for what the Lord continues to do in our lives and the lives of those we love!


Lee said...

The wedding looked like so much fun... In-n-Out is always a great way to go (huh Tracy =)
Thank you guys so much for such a beautiful and relaxing Easter Sunday celebration! WE LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOO MUCH!


krista said...

Hey! We know Christian too, but only because we eat at El Charro ALL the time and think he's the best waiter ever! Haha! Fun to see wedding pics of him!

Can't believe how grown up the kids look...they are both so cute!

Wow...very jealous of the Mercy Me concert and videos!

I miss and love you!

Kate and David said...

Fun catching up post! The wedding looked like a blast, very kid friendly too =)...Star struck is easy to do, I am a sucker for it every time. The concert looked fun!

Thanks for letting me steal Jenna for a bit yesterday....we needed a bit of our girl time together=)
Love you ALL to H&B!

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