Monday, January 18, 2010

A Date with the King!

Okay--not everyone can claim to have a 'King" for a friend, but WE can! :)
Our friend Jerry played the role of "King Coriander" in the Life House Theatre's presentation of "Cinderella" and he was "indubitably" FANTASTIC in his role!
We laughed SO hard--with you friend, not at you, well, maybe at you too a bit! :)
This is a MUST see if you have the time. It plays until February 12th I think. Our "date" started out with getting dressed up. I was going to wear jeans and my converse of course, but Char said they were gettin' "all gussied up" and we didn't want Jerry to be embarrassed by his "Po-dunk" friends, so we went along with it. :)
And what do the Waters do when they get dressed up? Take pictures --of course!:)
Take one...
(Owen had to get in on the fun too, even though he stayed home with Amy--thanks Am)
Take two...

Take three...

Take four.....
(Owen gave up on the madness)

Now, when you have a handsome king and his gorgeous queen, what do they produce?
RIGHT--3 beautiful princesses!

Princess Michaela
Princess Miah
And, Princess Malia
One BEAUTIFUL family!

Hey--who's the white girl? Oh, that is ours :)
Charlene will like this picture...

but this one is my favorite!

The girls with Cinderella

The king had to stay for awhile to sign autographs of course!
(We hope he's not getting a big head;))

The REAL fans!

This is Pat's favorite shot.

The girls got a picture with the "Fairy Godmother"
This is MY favorite picture!

Yes, we know the King.
Pat had to make sure he got a shot with Jerry to stick up on his wall at school. Maybe he thought no one would believe him--I don't know!
I had to end the night with this shot because she was all smiles--all night!
yep--she's a Daddy's girl!
Thanks for letting us share in your special night friends! We love you!


Kate and David said...

Looks like fun....we saw the same play awhile back minus the King Earl. It's fun when you know someone famous ;)

Sorry you were sick this weekend =( I hope you are doing better now....and you were worried about a busy weekend. (Didn't have that one on your list of things to do, I bet)

Lee said...

Great pictures! What a fun night... I want an autograph too =) My fav's were the "takes" at the beginning! What is an evening out without some awesome family photo shoots! LOVE YOU GUYS! Can't wait to see you next weekend!

krista said...

Oh my gosh look GREAT! I miss you!