Friday, January 22, 2010


My prayer was answered even MORE gloriously than I thought! We woke up to snowflakes the size of half dollars and a snowy landscape to melt your heart. What a wonderful gift! A day off with my family--on a Friday no less! Here are the morning pictures. Owen wasn't up yet, so there are more to come!


Lee said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! Snow day was so much fun... I will try to post some of our awesome sled ride videos! So much fun! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Kate and David said...

Tell Pat I am loving the B&W pictures.....very cool! We have some fun snow days with the family =) Love ya!

Team Entrada said...

Love the snow, I love where my family lives, so beautiful. Looks like the gorgeous green hills will be here in Spring:)

Snow days are to much fun! Maybe you could pray that we get some snow soon in CO, its been kind of dry:)

Love you guys!