Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jenna's 8th Birthday BASH!

My Birdie girl turned 8 on Friday the 14th! I can't believe it! It was like she was born yesterday. We decided to throw her a "Reality Show" party. It was lots of fun. Here are the pics! We started out with family shots!
Kelly and AmyAunt Don , Kelly and Baby Karly

Our first game was a "Survivor" obstacle course. This is what they had to do:

Dad set up 2x6's across the pool, so the kids had to walk the beam across the pool first...

Then they had to hit the croquet ball through two arches on the lawn...Next, they had to run around and go down to slide, swim across the pool...

shoot a hoop, and then get a licorice from me and tag their next team member. They were exhausted:).

Sweet Amy--thank you SO much for ALL your help! You are such a blessing!

Then we took a 5 minute break !
Owen having fun!

Karly and Ricky (yes, she is teething!)

For the next game, we blindfolded the kids for the "fear Factor" worm hunt! They had to stick their hands in the "unknown (spaghetti, chocolate pudding, grapes (eyeballs :0), and gummy worms)" and they had to dig out 2 gummy worms, then it was the next teammates turn to go!

We needed help to blindfold them all;). Amy got Jenna and Lacey helped Zach.
They all started peeking when they heard the first group scream when they stuck their hands in:)

When they were done, it was time for a "wash off" with Aunt Kelly (thanks SO much for ALL the help Aunt Kel--you are THE BEST!)

Then it was time for another 5 minute break!
Ben and Tyson (Ben LOVED the jacuzzi--so did Tyson!)

The next game was the "Biggest Loser" jell-0 eating contest. The teams had to eat a bowl of jell-o with whipped cream. The fastest team wins! (this one made a few of them a little sick:)

Then it was back to the pool for a little break!

The last game was the "Amazing Race" USA puzzle race. The team that put the puzzle together the fastest won!

After the games, Amy, Katie, Kelsie and the MOM's helped the kids make glow in the dark T-shirts. Thanks SO much for All your help girls! UR LVD!
We had some more fun in the pool

Then it was time to sing "Happy Birthday" and have cake...
open presents (THANK YOU EVERYONE--WOW!)
End of the night pics

What an AWESOME b-day! Thanks to EVERYBODY! WE LOVE YOU!


Lee said...

Ok... Jenna... THAT WAS SUCH A FUN BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! We had a blast...can not believe you are 8, and you just get more beautiful every year!!! LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!


The Bagley Bunch said...

WOW! What great games!!! I want to play!! :)

You and Pat look great in that pic towards the end. :) :)

Love you guys!

Team Entrada said...

WOW! I can not believe Jenna is 8. That birthday looked so fun and what a good workout:) Looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks.

Lots of love and hugs,

Kate and David said...

Ahhh! I forgot about the blogs! Love the's funny you can tell the camera was passed around from all the different photo styles =)

Happy Birthday Jenna, Happy Birthday Bleu, Happy Birthday Birdie...I love you so much too!!!

Such a fun time with family and friends! What creative parents you have to set something like that up for you, (They must be teachers)! Love you and can't believe your 8 and almost taller than me! AHHHHHH!