Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well, we have had an interesting few weeks! Jenna broke her arm while we were on a walk. She was riding on her Razor scooter and lost her balance while doing an ollie with a full reversal flip---no, really she just fell off (grace and balance run in the family:)). It was drama, but I told her:
"Suck it up, you are fine"
"No. Mom, it REALLY hurts. You just don't know"
"Come on Jenna, It is just bruised a little. Lets finish our walk"
So...we went home to put ice on it and make a LONG story short, we went to the urgent care on Sunday after church where we got the news.
"She broke both her radius and ulna" (arm bone)
Off to the Orthopedic doctor on Monday where he had to SET IT straight! That is where the "TOUGH CHICK" came in. The doctor put a piece of gauze in her mouth and said, "Bite down on this". We weren't exactly prepared for this which is probably a good thing.
I felt so bad for her, but she was tough. The doctor told her she could brag about getting her arm set without medication. (she didn't really want to hear him at that point;0).
We are all good now--bright pink cast and all!

Grandpa had to stop by the house to encourage his sweet granddaughter.

Jenna got two awards this last month. One for being an AWESOME student, and one for reading 110 books at an end of fourth grade level ( in second grade) in Read-a-thon. We are so proud of her!
Katie was subbing that day at our school, so she got to come see Jenna get her award.

Six more weeks to go!


Kate and David said...

OH my Jenna Bird broke a wing;)...not to worry you'll be flying again real soon. Just in time for the wedding! I love what your mom wrote on your cast "You were right, I'm sorry" =) You really are one tough chick, resetting your arm.... ouchie mama! I need to write on your cast and take you to get some ice cream soon. I've heard that ice cream heals broken arms better than ever ;)
Love you to heaven and back!! (That's a long ways)

Lee said...

Oh Jenna... you are such a tough bird!!! Our little drama mama isn't so drama after all huh ?!? I can't believe you did that without any anesthesia... good job! I need to write on your cast too, I forgot the last time I saw you! LOVE YOU!!!


Team Entrada said...

Jenna we are so proud of you! Those are some pretty awesome rewards, not only are you one "tough chick" you are one "smart chick". I hope the whole Waters family is doing well and enjoying May.
Lots of love,

M, M, and m