Saturday, February 28, 2009

Grandma June

I miss you Grandma!

March is the month when I miss my Grandma the most. She will have been gone 7 years on the 6th of March. She was our "Wild Irish Rose" and one of the most influential women in my life. My favorite memory was when I stayed with her for about a month before Pat and I got married. My Grandpa had passed away not long before that and I needed some "Grandma Time".

We were having chicken salad (one of my favorite things she made) and it was about 11:00 at night. My Grandma LOVED to gamble, so I said, "Let's go out and play the nickles for awhile." She said, "Tracy, it is 11:00 at night! We can't do that--I'll get my purse".

We didn't get home until 2:00 in the morning, but we had a BLAST together. I am SO thankful for the MANY times we talked until late, played cards, and laughed until we thought we would wet our pants! Our relationship was like none other (because of course, I WAS HER FAVORITE!).

Now, my kids have the most amazing Grandma in my Mom and I am SO THANKFUL that Jenna can look forward to the same kinds of amazing stories and adventures.

I love you Grandma June! I can't wait to dance the Irish jig with you when I get to Heaven! Thanks for all the wonderful memories! Happy St. Patty's Day!


Kate and David said...

Awww, that made my day and made me cry:)What a beautiful post!! I love hearing stories of Grandma June and looking back at all the memories in pictures! She was the most amazing woman, teaching us all to care for others, open our homes and hearts, laugh just because, and cook with butter and love!

I love that we all have our own special memories of Grandma! Some of mine would have to be ....squished eggs and toast, her reading "Hiram's Red Shirt" to me over and over (She would say 'not that story again Kate'... I still have the book Grandma). Falling asleep together on the couch, where she would tell me I was her favorite ;) and of course all the talks and giggles! I Love her sooo much and miss her!
Here's to doing the Irish Jig all together in Heaven one day...High De di de de diddle di =)

Team Entrada said...

Tracy this was a beautitful post and it made me cry. She is one of the people who has shaped me and I miss her each and every day. Since Kate posted a memory of her I will follow suite...I have many but when I was 19 I came out to see the family after my college boyfriend had broken my heart. I remember grandma slept with me in "high bed" that night,before we fell asleep I asked her if she had ever had her heartbroken, she said "yes, by a guy she had dated before grandpa." She could still remember that it hurt but she said "god is funny with his lessons because had that guy not broken my heart I would have never met grandpa and would not have the four beautitful children I have and there would not be you, so remember that his plan is always what is best for you even if you can't figure out why at the time." I have carried those words with me whenever life gets tough and I ask God what are you trying to teach me?
By the way she told me "I was her favorite" and I told Cade this and he told me she said "he was her favorite." Thats what is great about grandma, we were all her favorites in different ways.

Thanks for sharing this it really made my Sunday.

Love you guys.

Lee said...

Ok Tracy... you win on the best blog post ;) I LOVED IT! And it is fun to read all of the different memories everyone has of grandma. Ok... Ok... my turn...
In high school, while we lived with grandma, I always came home with some crazy thing I did or at least a story to tell. I remember the night I came home with my tattoo. Everyone else in the family freaked out "I can't believe you did that Kelsie!!!" But not grandma!!! She said... after everyone else gave me a hard time... "I think it is really pretty!" The funny part of the story was that she was already diagnosed with Macular Degeneration and could not see it :) Good 'ol grandma... always making you feel good!

Ok... one more... the morning grandma went to the hospital for the last time... I woke up to her yelling help! She had fallen... I ran up to get her and she was so calm, she told me to call my mom. I did and when the ambulance showed up to pick her up I was crying (like I am now and everytime I think of this story) She looked at me and grabbed onto my hand and said... "Don't worry honey, everything is gonna be ok. I LOVE YOU!" The last words she ever spoke to me :) She was the one in need but yet she always was there for others first.

LOVE YOU TOO GRANDMA... Can't wait to see your beautiful face again!

Team Entrada said...

This is actually Cade posting, That is an awesome tribute to the most incredable grandmother the world has ever known. I miss her dearly and cant wait to teach my two sons of her importance in my life. When I think of her, I think of the way she always gave the deepest love and understanding to all of us( also the killer Cream of Wheat) I hope all is well in the Waters family and say high to everyone for me from Emily, Keegan, and Cade