Monday, December 1, 2008

We saw the "elf card" on Veronica's blog and we were laughing SO hard! We decided to make one of our own--hope you enjoy! Turn off the music in the side bar first:)

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The Bagley Bunch said...

Hahahahahaha! I LOVE IT!! I know, we saw the Garb's blog and HAD to make our own as well. Love you guys!!

Oh, and I have a shirt for Jenna that I think she might be able to wear if she likes it--but no obligations. It is a long story, but I bought it for Sam thinking it would fit her for CHRISTmas pics but it was the totally wrong size. I was having a "senior" moment :). I brought it last Sunday but we came to 2nd service so I think we missed you. I will try to remember (haha--TRY) to bring it again this week. LOVE you guys!!!
<>< V