Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday JESUS! It is our tradition to have everyone over to our house for Christmas breakfast, and this year we were BLESSED as usual! There is no better gift than family and friends. Thank you JESUS!
My brother Rob and his family (Lisa, Ethan and Hailey)

David and Kate

Jerry and Char

Mom and Owie

My sweet family

Kel, Kate and Amy

Aunt Don joined us too!

Jenna got a karaoke machine from grandma, papa, and us. Pat and I are going to have more fun with this than her I think:)

The kids got scooters :)

Owie LOVES his!

Family Pics
Christmas Eve Service

Owie having some outside time. This is his FAVORITE place to be!

Here is a bit of Jenna singing on Christmas Eve.
Jesus IS our reason for celebration EVERY DAY. For our believing friends and family, we pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and make you more and more like him daily. For our friends and family who haven't made the decision to follow Him, we pray that the the Lord will reveal himself in a mighty way in your lives so that you can finally realize why you were created. May the TRUTH set you free. Happy 2009!


Team Entrada said...

Merry Christmas Family, we miss and love you bunches. It looks like you had a blessed day and celebrated Jesus wonderfully. Kisses and hugs to all.

Kelsie said...

Love the pictures... we have a BEAUTIFUL family that is so blessed! So sorry we were unable to make it to the Breakfast this year. We are gonna have to have game night at our house with the wii and karaoke! FUN!!! Love you ALL!


Kate and David said...

We had a wonderful Christmas with you guys! We always know how to wrap it up too...Mickeys Christmas, funny games of Catch Phrase, and some good ol' dog food (Owie's fav) ;)!!! Heaven and Back!