Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sea World

We decided to use our passes to Sea World before they expired on New Years. We went down on Monday, stayed the night, and went to the zoo on Tuesday. We had a great family trip. Jenna thought the best part was the hotel because her and Owie got their own little side room with a sofa bed to sleep in and their own TV:). They both had a blast and slept great together. We are SO BLESSED!!!Owen LOVED the fish! He kept putting his face against the glass. He wanted to touch them SO bad.
Jenna loves the sea stars.
We had to get a "wild Arctic" picture!
Okay, so Owie LOVES Elmo. They have a new play land at Sea World with Elmo, and he got to take a picture with him. He didn't want to let go, and their wasn't a line, so we kept letting him go back for hugs. The Sea World guys thought it was hilarious.
He did NOT like the ride this time though--go figure.
Jenna preferred the Budweiser Clydesdale's

Mom shot
Owie on the bouncy carpet

By the Manatees--my favorite

Here is a video of Owie's hugfest with Elmo.

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jessica.tiara said...

The picture of Owen hugging Elmo is the sweetest!