Monday, January 21, 2008

Before and after wedding shots!

Kelsie's Bridal Party

The girls having fun with their flowers!

Jenna and Macy

Kelly and HER girls


Grandma Leah, Owen and Mom

Before the wedding get together at Mom's house

Cousin Micah from Colorado
Gotta have the crazy girls shot--family tradition!


Kate & David said...

Great Pictures! I am so glad you were all at the wedding to capture some good moments. I miss all of my crazy family =(....Love the picture of us three cousins!! Hugs and Kisses!
Heaven and Back

Micah said...

So excited that Kels sent this to me. I love all the pictures. It was so great to see all of you and for Matt to meet my wonderful family. Kelsie's wedding was beautitful and I truly thank god for the wonderful family we have. Hope to see you soon. Prayers and love.