Saturday, October 6, 2007

Life seems to change SO fast. Our cousins, Katie and David are off to Minnesota--We are going to miss them SO much, but we trust that the Lord has a plan.

Kelsie and Ricky are getting married in January. It seems like it was yesterday that I was giving Katie and Kelsie "big hair" and dressing them up in 80's attire to perform a dance to Michael Jackson for relatives.
I continually pray that as they begin their lives together and start families that they will grow in their relationships with the Lord. I pray that He will be their priority. I pray they will teach their children to love Jesus and that everything good that we have comes from Him alone. I pray that they will love one another and respect each other . So Lord, I lift them up to you. May they seek you for every decision, in every good and bad day, to direct their lives.
I love them SO much, but I KNOW You love them even more.
Keep them safe Lord! Amen.

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