Saturday, September 15, 2007


This is a picture of Jenna with her first grade teacher, Miss Swope. She is doing GREAT in first grade! She amazes us daily. We are in awe of how faithful the Lord continues to be in our lives.
We pray daily for friends and family who have not yet realized how amazing life is when Jesus is the center of it. The world has NOTHING to offer. I always wonder why "They just don't get it". Then the Lord graciously reminds me that I was there too. It took me to get to a point where I was so low for the Lord to say, "Are you done yet?" Then He, "Pulled me out of the pit, set my feet upon the rock, and steadied me as I am walking (and learning to follow Him daily)." I grieve with my brothers and sisters in Christ who are longing for family and friends to realize that this life is NOT about us!
So Lord, may my life be a daily example of what your love, grace, and forgiveness does for a sinner who repents.

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The Bagley Bunch said...

The Lord IS so gracious! He had to ask me that same question girl :). I grieve as well girl for those who have not yet surrendered to Christ, we'll just keep on praying girl!! We serve one AMAZING God! Oh, and by the way--Jenna is a total cutie! xoxo