Thursday, October 25, 2007

The CRAZY wind blew us all the way to DISNEYLAND!

This is sweet Malia being a princess!

Miah and her daddy!

The girls at the hat store!

Jerry and Charlene hammin' it up

Jenna and Michaela--Happy birthday, girl!

Sweet girls!

The wind in Beaumont was SOOO crazy that they closed school for the entire week. We started to go stir CRAZY, so we decided to call the Earls and go to Disneyland during our "never would have guessed it" mini-vacation. Hope you enjoy the pics!

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Kate & David said...

Cute Pictures Guys! Hope that wind clams down soon, I don't want all my family to blow away! Bet you all had a blast at Disneyland (you always do :) Miss you and Love You.