Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jenna Bleu turns 9!

Well, let me start by saying that this was Jenna and Amy's idea:) We had a BLAST! I LOVE MY FAMILY, and when I say family, I mean friends too because they are my family. Everybody got into the "theme" and the party was crazy. Thanks so much family for your help, craziness, and for being such great sports! I love you!!!Pat's camera takes MUCH better pictures, but I took the individual shots of the kids before they jumped into the pool. These are from my funky camera--there are better pics coming soon.
My 9 year old Birdie

Jenna and Richelle took a before party photo shoot

Okay, so God has blessed me with the most amazingly fun child! She has a heart of GOLD, and she is up for anything! She loves Jesus, her family and friends, and she has learned to serve others at an early age. I am so thankful for her and her positive, good natured style.

Here are the pics of our 80's gang:


Katie--oh yeah--she did this pose all night--Gotta love her!

Aunt Kel--rocked her outfit! Great bangs too!

Kels and Karly--BEAUTIFUL as always!


David--such a good sport in his "Vanilla Ice" ensemble

D.J. A-ME in the house!

Lauren B.






Lauren O.

Ethan rocked it as the only DUDE (kid) at the party


Hailey--you better watch out Rob and Lisa!

Me :)--DonYell was impressed that I could still do my 80's bangs!--OH YEAH!


Char and Jerry--Char actually looked so good in her outfit we told her to wear it to work. Jerry sported the ever popular neon green of the times.

Katie Fonda needed a little beverage after her "Let's Get Physical" workout

Strike a pose

Thanks for the fun times! More GOOD pictures to come!


Lee said...

Awww Jenna Bleu... you and Mayme have some GOOOD IDEAS for parties! When I heard you were having an 80s party, I knew I was NOT going to miss it... so glad we got back in time to celebrate with you! We LOVE YOU SO MUCH and love seeing you grow into such a beautiful girl inside and out! Happy Birthday Bird!!!! LOOOOOVVE YOU!


Kate and David said...

Stinking thing didn't post my comment...I'll try for round two.

I LOVED going back to the 80's for your 9th Birthday!!!
We love you more than words can say and more than pink leg warmers in August =)

You will always be my best, the one I use to carry out of the red honda and cuddle with to take a nap!!!

Thanks for letting us celebrate YOU bird!
Great pics Tracy...such a fun b-day party. H&B