Thursday, June 3, 2010

TOY and Rob turns 40!

Yes, I know you are wondering...Pat was selected "Teacher of the Year" (TOY) at his school site. We went to a dinner to honor all TOY's and retiree's from the district. YEAH PAT! You touch the lives of SO many children--keep shining!
This is Pat and his former principal (gone wild)--it was a 70's themed party, so all the "administration" dressed up
Shawn (Pat's former principal, and Becky--his former vice principal)

My principal (Lauren) and I--"Dancing Queens"

Pat and some of his "teacher friends"

My brother Rob turned 40 on Memorial Day (appropriate, huh?)
My sister in law, Lisa planned a surprise party at my Mom's house. We had a BLAST! We ate Mexican food, listened to great music, caught up with family and friends, watched a video of my brother's life, and had Aunt Kelly's lemon bars--life is good!
Rob was surprised, and we are thankful he was born so we could have Aunt Kelly's lemon bars:)
We love you Rob! Owen had to make sure he told Uncle Rob "Happy Birthday".

I love this shot of Kelsie and Karly

Kels and Amy--such beauties!

Rob and Lisa were worn out, but having fun!

Rob's best friend growing up was Tom. He and his fiancee showed up with is kids to share in Rob's milestone!
Grandma hanging out with the kids

Lisa's bother Brett and his daughter Jayden
Lisa and Amy

My beautiful Aunt Kel
I learned a new game called "corn hole", well, I guess it isn't really new, just new to me. It was FUN! David would have played too, but he was too busy messing with his cell phone :)

Amy and I won, so we had to do a victory dance!

Tom and his fiancee Amia
Here are the notorious close up shots

We think Kate looks like the little dog from the Grinch

Are you still considered "newlyweds?"
I managed to get into every crazy face shot, humm--weird:)

Take 1
Take 2
Take 3

Pat and I are SURE we got the BEST picture of Kar this time--look at that face!

Owen made the BEST looking cupcake! We all tried to get a bite, but he wasn't sharing with just ANYONE---
Dad--"No way Jose!"
Papa, "Ummm--Nope"
Mom--"Oh YEAH!"
I am convinced that God gave me the BEST family in the WORLD---I am BLESSED!


Lee said...

Lemon love notes are THE BEST! Great pictures guys! You are so right... we do have THE BEST FAMILY! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH & We had such a blast with dancing the night away with all of you! Thanks to you we are ALL true blue 80s music fans! =)


Kate and David said...

Congrats Pat on being Teacher of the Year!!!! I love watching you teach, it's easy to see why your students and staff 'look up to you' in all that you do! Can't wait to steal some of your awesome techniques one the acronym Tracy...TOY, such a teacher thing =)

Can't believe you posted my sad Grinch dog face =)...I do love that dog though!! Great 40th was fun spending time with you family. H&B

Team Entrada said...

Great post, makes us miss your beautiful faces even more. Congratulations to Pat on being a TOY! I am not suprised however, you are both blessed with a wonderful gift and many young lives are going to benefit.

Looks like you helped Rob bring in his 40's with style and my mouth is watering thinking about those lemon love notes.
Hope the summer brings lots of blessings and fun. Love you guys!

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joven said...

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