Monday, June 15, 2009


YEAH! We made it! We have been busy this past month, so we will catch you up FAST!
First... we had Katie's graduation--finally done with her credential--wanting a job-- get together at Kel's house:)

Pat got to hold Owen and Karly

Owie got to blow some bubbles
Second, we had a little birthday get together for Miah ( the middle sister:) at our house.
Owie and Pat were the "cool dudes" in the pool

THIRD-- we went to Kelsey Waters' graduation party on Saturday. I CAN NOT believe she is already graduated and ready to start college at the University of Redlands (Katie and David would be SO proud--it's their Alma Mater)

Nadine (my sister-in-law and Kelsey)
Owen could be found MANY places that evening--relaxing in the lounge chair by the pool was one!
This is our good friend Rick

Pat's twin brother Dave--already wearing the Bulldog t-shirt in support of Kels
Owen found Aunt Nay's delicious BLUE cupcakes:)

Hanging out

Our friends--the Mason's (Scott is the Pastor at the church Dave and Nadine go to, Kavia was in Pat's class this last year, and Rena (mom) is a substitute teacher for our district
Steph, Tracy, and Susan-- long time friends
Pat with the girls

I also finished my 14th year of teaching. I had to include this picture because this little girl (Lexi) and her mom made me this COOL Solar System apron for an end of the year gift. I thought it was TOO COOL! I wore it all day--the kids thought I was CRAZY--nothing unusual:). I am also starting a new adventure. After 12 years at third grade, I will be venturing into fourth grade next year (I know--a big leap:0) I will get a chance to break out of my comfort zone and have 35 in a class instead of 20 :). I CAN'T WAIT!


Kate and David said...

You guys have been super busy! David and I are SO proud of Kelsey Waters...we know she will love the campus and do awesome =). I can't believe you are in 4th grade's a bigger jump than people think though ;) They are going to LOVE you in 4th...and what about those lucky students that might get you two years in a row, how fun!!! Owen is getting so tall just in the past few weeks...he looks so long on the lounge chair=). Sorry I missed you guys at our apartment=(, we will have to try and get together before your trip!
H&B- Kate

Lee said...

YAY for summer! Congrats to Kelsey... can't believe she is already graduating high school, I still see her and Amy twirling in their flower girl dresses for your wedding! LOVE the two cool dudes in the spa! STUD MUFFINS :) Love you guys!

jessica.tiara said...

Tracy -
We have to get the kids together this summer to play! I can't wait to see Owen and Ben together! :)