Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun with the GIRLS!!

We took a girls trip to Glen Ivy Day Spa during our break. Kelly and the girls had never been, so I decided that Charlene and I HAD to take them so they would know what to do :). (They had to twist my arm:0)
They weren't too sure about he mud at first, but then we all got in on the action.
Kate and Amy aren't actually this tan yet--it's the mud, but wait until the end of summer .

Kelly and Char could pass for sisters in this shot:)
On Sunday we went to a bridal expo with Kate to get some ideas for her upcoming wedding

Sunday night Pat and I went to the Lindbergs for dinner and Bocce ball. We LOVE their family!
This is Owen with Gabe (1 of 8)

Jenna and Elizabeth eating pizza

Joe is showing Pat how to play. The boys are just a LITTLE competitive (that is putting it mildly:))

Owie got to play in the rocks with Victoria for awhile too.

Half of the gang at the dinner table.

Lisa, telling us a story.
We are SO THANKFUL for the BEAUTIFUL friends the LORD has put into our lives. We are RICHLY BLESSED!


Kate and David said...

The mud look is the way to go;)....we had such a fun time at the spas, thanks again for the green paint treatment (your right we wouldn't have known what to do=). Love ya Bunches.

Lee said...

We had lots of fun... thanks for showing us around! We will for sure have to go again sometime... love ya!!!


Jamie and Krista said...

Looks like you had a fun spring break! The spas look like a lot of fun!