Saturday, March 28, 2009


SPRING BREAK is here!! And what better way to start than a trip to DISNEYLAND. Jenna and I accompanied Jerry and "his girls" on his BIRTHDAY trip to Disneyland Friday night after school. He already has a pass, so he got a $69 merchandise voucher to spend because of the new "Visit Disneyland on your birthday for free" promo that is going on this year. He has been talking about buying his "Indiana Jones" hat for weeks now, so we were all excited to see him in his new "birthday hat".
The girls had to get in on the action too, of course!

"Indy and his mate"

Jenna preferred the creepy Indian statue

In the end, Jerry got his hat, T-Shirt, and something at the "magic shop" that he wouldn't share with the rest of us because it was "magic". It was a fun night! Thanks for letting us share your ##!! birthday with you Jerry! We love you, mate!


Lee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Earl!!!! Looks like you all had a blast at Disneyland!


Kate and David said...

Looks like a great time! Can't go wrong with Disneyland for your birthday! Yay for Spring Break....I love it =)