Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summer's Over :(

Well, we knew the day had to come. Summer vacation is over and we are back to school on Monday. We have had an AWESOME summer, and we feel SO blessed to have the jobs we have. SO--Thank you Lord!
The girls had one last swim session on Saturday--Here are some pics!

Michaela, Richelle, Malia, and Jenna

Miah--again :0--She felt left out because I was taking slide pictures and she didn't want to go down the slide so this is how we included her :)

Here are the slide pics:

Lunch Time!
Thanks for a FUN day girls!

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Kate and David said...

Cute Swimming Pictures! I have the Slip n' Slide ones on mine... but my blog is 'out of order' right now =(, I'll get it going soon!