Monday, August 25, 2008

School 2008--First Day of Second Grade!!

Okay--How BLESSED am I !! Jenna gets to have my BEST friend for her second grade teacher this year. This is her with "Miss Clifford" on the first day of school! Yeah Birdie!

We had to have a first day family shot--Owen too :)

My sweet second grader!
Off we go! Another year on the way!


Jamie and Krista said...

Hey Friend!

I didn't see you today! =(

Jenna looks so cute...she'll have a fun year. Time flies! Owen will be starting kindergarten in no time. Then Jayden! Yikes!

I'll find you tomorrow!

Kate and David said...

YAY are such a lucky girl to have Miss. Clifford for 2nd Grade!
You all look so cute for your first day of school...I can't wait to be a teacher one day!
Member, anytime you and Pat need me to come and help in your classrooms, I'm there!!
H&B Family

The Bagley Bunch said...

Aaaaw how cute you all look! And how fun for Jenna (and you) about Miss Clifford. Is that the amazingly talented gal who made the goodies for the married CHRISTmas dinner last year?

Team Entrada said...

What a blessing for Jenna and Miss Clifford. You all look wonderful.

Hugs and kisses,