Thursday, July 24, 2008

The OC Fair!

The Gang is off again! We got tickets to see my FAVORITE bands--Mercyme and the David Crowder band at the pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa. Admission to the Fair was included, so we got there about 1:00 in the afternoon and enjoyed the exhibits, fair food ;0, and the concert.
Roy, Shawna and I at the Ranch ;0--the baby cows were SO cute!
We also had to take the cardboard cutout face photos. For some reason Jerry and Charlene opted out of these:)--go figure!

The girls!

The gang waiting for the concert to start

Roy and Shawna

Jerry and Char

Pat and I

The girls close up. Thank you Lord for my beautiful friends!

Roy was apparently explaining something???

These are two videos from the concert. Our camera couldn't get too close, but I did the best I could. NOTHING could describe being there. Some of the highlights were: The audience singing "Amazing Grace", Bart Millard's commentary and when we all sang "Word of God Speak", David Crowder's--well, what can I say--just DAVID CROWDER!!(he is such a whack--he cracks me up!)
Thank you Lord for such an AWESOME night with friends who love you! (and a SPECIAL thanks to my WONDERFUL Mom for babysitting!!--We love you --you are SUCH a BLESSING!!!)


The Bagley Bunch said...

DUDE!!! Those videos are awesome!!! Looks like a blessed time!! A little jealous over here, but SO GLAD for you guys!! :)~

Jamie and Krista said...

Oh man...I would have loved to have been there! It was fun to see pictures on Shawna and Roy on your blog too! =)

Kate & David said...

What a fun night full of great music! I love the cartoon cut-out pictures and the new slide show =)!
Miss you guys and Love ya.
Heaven and Back- Kate