Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pat's Annual Summer Beach Trip with the Girls :)

Pat has made it a tradition to take all the girls (Jenna, her friend Richelle, Kate, and Amy) to the beach every summer. They love boogie boarding and playing in the water (Owen and I prefer the pool). Here are the pics: The back side of the beach :)
Jenna and Richelle making sand castles

"Kake" and "Mayme" eating lunch

Bathing beauties

Pat said the first time he tried to take this picture, Kate fell into a sand hole :), so they had to do another take. I think it looks "Charlie's Angel-ish". It is nice to know that clumsiness runs in the family.

Pat and Amy trying to help the girls catch a wave

Action shot--future lifeguards

Jenna, Richelle, Pat and Amy heading into the water

Best Friends

The End--literally (that is Jenna's new saying)
Just so you know--Owen and I weren't jealous at all. I asked him what he wanted to do on our date day and he said "Hmm, let's see Mom, see a train, ride on a fire engine, and go into shops". So, we saw a train on our way to Toys R Us, he rode a fire engine at Chuck E. Cheese with the Earl girls, and we went to Target. Super Mom strikes again--hahaha!


Kate and David said...

We always look forward to our beach trips with Pat and the girls!!! Such a fun time =) Thanks so much for the moments. It's not a surprise at all that I would be the one to fall while walking to shore..... no huge wave, no crazy jelly..... just a klutzy ME! Totally runs in the family ;)

You are super mom everything on Owen's check list=), and we doubted you before we left =/

Lee said...

I cracked up laughing when you told the story of Katie falling... ahahaha... COMPLETELY runs in the family and I love it =)

Can't wait til Kar is old enough so we can join in the beach days... ok I lie... I can wait a little (I am so enjoying her age right now =) So much to look forward to though! =)