Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jenna's Baptism!

We had Bible Blast at our church this past week. It is a time for the kids to have fun, learn about what Jesus did for them, about missions, and crafts. Jenna had been asking us about baptism. She wanted to get baptised, but was a little nervous about what she had to do. We talked to her about it being and outward showing of an inward faith. It is showing others that you are committed to living your life for Jesus and loving others. We wnated it to be TOTALLY her decision, so I told her to talk to Pastor Brian about it. She talked to her Children's pastor, Pastor Brian and Mr. James and came home on Sunday saying, "Mom and Dad, I am going to get baptised. I am ready".
We are So proud of you Jenna! You have such a beautiful heart! We know the Lord is going to do AMAZING things through you baby girl!
'Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, and HE will direct your paths"

Miss Katrina has known Jenna since BIRTH! She was the first person to give her a Bible.

The video isn't that great, but we know that Grandma Sue wanted to see it!


Kate and David said...

YAY Jenna Bird! We are sooo proud of you...you are a beautiful girl of the Lord that gives so much to others. I am so blessed to call you my cousin! David and I love you lotsa and we can't wait for you to be in our wedding =)
Heaven and Back My Best!
Your Kate

Lee said...

Way to go Jenna Bird!!! It is such a great feeling huh?!? You are so blessed to have such wonderful parents who have taught you about the Lord. And I am so proud of you for making such a beautiful decision all on your own! You are such a blessing to everyone around you! WE LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!